Vintage Cat Teapot


Vintage Cat Teapot.

Such a cute teapot for home decor or to use as an actual teapot!

Perfect for afternoon tea and to impress when your friends come over!

10.8cm height
11.5cm width
15cm depth

In great condition no major defects, slight glazing issues during production (glaze missing in spots) painted face also a little worn (see images).

Heat water to boiling point prior to teapot use, via kettle, saucepan, microwave etc.
NEVER heat the teapot.
Pour hot water inside teapot adding 2-3 teabags.
Brew for roughly 3-8 minutes depending how strong you like your tea.
Pour tea into mugs after brewing time adding milk to your mug afterwards, no milk inside the teapot.

If you would like more pictures of this item please feel free to email for more.