Hi! My name is Gemma Taylor the one woman factory behind Good Luck World.

I am a tattoo artist from Essex who enjoys everything creative, making, kooky, funky, silly, vintage, tattoo related, weird, retro and collectible.

Good Luck World is my creative vomit and collectible lucky trinket hub.

Good Luck World started in 2017 as a means for me to unload creatively onto Instagram separately to my tattooing page. 

Quickly the page progressed to me opening an online store and I started selling some of the craft items I would make at home. 

The most popular items to begin with were patches I would hand sew and t-shirts I would hand paint, then progressing onto getting patches, tees, hats, pins etc manufactured with my designs along with the handmade items I would make in my spare time; an essential for my creative outlet.

Good Luck World is ever changing and it's mainly just some fun for me to be creative and share some kooky trinkets with people who have similar interests and like collecting random fun things for no reason in particular! 


"Because we want to! Because we want to!" 

  - Billie Piper.